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The Crystal of Self-Love

e80859e2-30c8-4390-ab8a-78a6283b0095Chinese medicine students know of a pathway in the body that can create a whole new level of self-love. This pathway is called the yin qiao mai (yin chow my). It is one of the eight extraordinary pathways. These extraordinary pathways go so deep into the body and spirit that they can actually change the DNA. They change the brain, change our beliefs, and can shift the whole paradigm we have been living in.
One of these eight pathways is completely focused on self-love. If you are ready to step into radical acceptance of yourself, love of yourself, and forgiveness of yourself for all of your life’s journeys, the yin qiao mai is the pathway for you.
One of the ways to access this deep pathway is to use hemimorphite. Hemimorphite is most often a blue stone. It is a hydrous zinc silicate. In the ancient Taoist materia medica, we find that hemimorphite has been used for centuries to open the yin qiao mai. You can get yours at a local stone store, Etsy, or Ebay.

The medicine is simple – all you have to do is place hemimorphite over your heart for 5-20 minutes before bed each night. Say out loud, “I choose love. I love myself. I forgive myself” as you rest the stone over your heart. Ask it to open the yin qiao mai pathway. And if you forget that term, it’s okay. Ask it to open the part of you who is already in love with yourself.
You can also get a pendant of hemimorphite to wear over your heart.
Your intention is everything. It is all that is ever needed. The crystal beings simply help you build your intention into reality.
Stay tuned for more on self-love, self-forgiveness and hemimorphite’s help with this – a new online class on the subject will be coming out soon.

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

February 3, 2016

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