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Kunzite! For Smart Gators in all of your Motes.

Tucson2011-55SpodumemeKunziteAfghanistan95mmOnce, I dreamt I found myself in a sacred room. It was very small and dimly lit by one candle. There was an alter with a small tattered book and a piece of kunzite, and that was all. I realized this room was the deepest inner chambers of my heart.

Many larger rooms branched off from here, but kunzite was the stone on the alter in this innermost room. The appearance of kunzite in this sacred inner room made sense.

In Chinese medicine, kunzite resonates with the heart and pericardium It strengthens our capacity for vulnerability and intimacy. Intimacy between beloveds, and also intimacy in the larger sense; the opening of the sensory orifices that allows a greater aliveness, and sense of really being here. (Keep this in mind for addictions of numbness, hiding or retreating, and diseases of resistance).

xbeaumaris_castle_autumn.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qJeyqVS04cI would suggest wearing it or drinking the elixir in the beginning stages of an intimate relationship, or adversely, when you feel you need better heart protection. Think of it like you are giving some super vitamins to the gators in the mote around your castle. The stronger and smarter they are, the better. They will know exactly who to let in and how much. This also translates to the outflow; being able to more effectively shine your heart and true potency out into the world.

Compositionally, kunzite is made up of lithium, aluminum, and silica oxide. Which is nature’s elegant (and obvious) mineral offering of calm and safety for the heart and pericardium.

In the denser, more physical sphere, kunzite addresses our ‘motes’ by strengthening our immune systems, and was worn over conception vessel 17 (between the breasts) in ancient China to keep one strong and protected against pathogens.

Kunzite also works well for aversion to toxicity and vulnerability to the outside world. It can actually help to strengthen us at the cellular level against impurities, and help the body sort out what is us and what is not us (upright qi), and what is useful and what is not. Consider combining kunzite with tiger’s eye in this case, for further support in sorting the pure from the impure, and perhaps green tourmaline to strengthen detoxification pathways.

So, this is a snapshot of this magical gift to humanity. Think vulnerability, intersections, smart gators and shining shen.* ….. oh, and it’s good for sciatica.

-Sarah Thomas, LAc

*the heart spirit that shines from our eyes!

December 21, 2015

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