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The Abundance Dance

This class is such a treat. Like an ice cream cone with sprinkles on it.


Abundance expresses itself through humanity in so many different ways and our relationship with it can be a complicated one.  Citrine is a beautiful stone that we can play with as we explore our own feelings around abundance.

In this class you will learn:

  • How we relate to abundance and how we can heal our wounds around it to let in all we are offered (which is a lot!)
  • Potentials of the stone citrine
  • The gateway to abundance
  • Protocols and tangible places to start exploring these concepts with this stone
  • New moon to full moon gridding and elixir making!

There is also a very special clip from Kady Morgan, a talented channel, who brings us directly into communication with Citrine.

Length: 40 minutes
Tuition: $16
Instructor: Ali Pack
Prerequisites: none
Downloads: none
Continuing education credits: none

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  1. The Abundance Dance


    I especially enjoyed Ali’s personalization of this class. The journey of her insightful perspectives on abundance as well as her practical applications to ground the channeled consciousness of citrine into our daily lives was particularly useful for me. I now have something to work with. Thank you, Ali!

  2. Citrine for Abundance


    A lot of good ideas for working with citrine. Thinking I lack abundance is a big one for me so I will enjoy working with this stone and her ideas. This would be a good class for people just starting out with stone work.

  3. 5

    I really enjoyed this class? I’ve read so much about abundance , but this gave me a very different perspective on it, and adding citrine into it, I’m excited to see where it takes me!!! I’m also excited to learn more about stones… this was a great intro for me!! Thankyou Ali ❤️

  4. Thank you!


    Oh Ali, thank you so much for your citrine teachings! I took this class on the day of the new moon and I am so excited because I can follow your protocol with creating my elixir and grid today! I can’t wait to see the magic that unfolds. This class has so much practical information in it and feels like a portal into an amazing citrine experience!

  5. A great alignment occurred while creating my abundance grid!


    I wanted you to know that I loved this class! I made your elixir and immediately felt happy. Then I created the grid for the new moon. I watched myself place the citrine all around the outer edge of a circle, and marveled at what I felt- I wasn’t connected to it. As I sat with what stones I wanted to use I was connected to the core of me, and chose Garnet. As soon as that was in place I felt the whole grid come together, and replicated my internal feeling with the grid I was creating. I thought- that’s why I haven’t been manifesting, and effortlessly things clicked into place. The grid awakened something in my field. As I was out running errands I could sense my connection and realized I needed to add one more thing- clear apophylite. When I added those, everything sparked. It was the most fun grid I have ever made. I felt more strongly than ever that my field was a reflection of the matrix of the grid and vice versa. Thank you, Ali!

  • $16
  • 10 Months

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