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Stones for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

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This weekend class was presented live at NUNM in Portland, Oregon. It includes an in-depth discussion of the eight extraordinary meridians based heavily on a monumental 2005 lecture by Jeffrey C. Yuen, 88th generation Taoist priest. After a refreshing and deep dive into the meridians, with plenty of practical clinical stories from Sarah, we will move into the perfect stone pairing for each.

In this class:

  • We will discuss soul-level healing and how that lies beyond fixing symptoms
  • We will explore what it means to “treat” this level of Being. Who are we to alter the destiny of our patients?
  • We will review the history and origins of stone medicine in Chinese medicine
  • We will explore how stones and minerals relate to the eight-extras and this very deep soul-level healing
  • We will explore how the eight-extraordinary meridians function as doorways to this soul-level healing
  • We will analyze each meridian and its potentials
  • We will discuss how to choose the right meridian for clinical patients
  • We will examine stones and their properties according to ancient Chinese texts rather than new-age resources including lapis lazuli, chiastolite, dumortierite, lepidolite and many more
  • We will critically think to match the stones to the meridians that they open
  • We will learn how to practically apply the stones to the meridians and perform treatments
  • We will discuss safety and contraindications
  • We will learn tons of stone medicine clinical tips and tricks backed up by over a decade of clinical experience applying stones in an acupuncture setting
  • clear audio, clear video, front row seats

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Length: 12 hours
Tuition: $197
Instructor: Sarah Thomas, LAc
Prerequisites: none
Downloads: none
Continuing education credits: 12 PDA points from NCCAOM


 – If you are from California or Florida your state may not approve this NCAAOM approved course. CA and FL have different guidelines than all other states. Contact your state board before purchasing this course.

– There will be no refunds for any aspect of the content of this course or for any aspect of your own life circumstances preventing your from finishing the course. 

– To receive your PDA / CEU points you must complete a short quiz at the end. You must get a 70% on that quiz to get your points. If you score below a 70%, you get ONE re-take. If you get below 70% again you get do not get anymore re-takes, your PDA points or your tuition money refunded.

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Class Reviews


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  1. The best CEU class I ever took!


    This was the most useful and interesting CEU class ever! Sarah unlocks the Extraordinary meridians masterfully-this class will change your life and your patients lives!

  2. An "Extraordinary" CEU Opportunity!


    This class takes a deep dive into the Extraordinary meridians. I walked away with a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual facets of these channels. Sarah connects this wisdom with stones and provides wonderful treatment protocols to use with patients!

  3. A True Gem!


    Filled with treatment pearls, this class delves into the spiritual aspects of the 8 extraordinary meridians while pairing each meridian with stones from the little known stone materia medica. If you are looking to learn something refreshing and new, then this class is for you.

  4. Fine and Extraordinary


    A fine presentation, meticulously planned and delivered, of an extraordinary body of knowledge.

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