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Stones for Sleep

Join us as we work with stone medicine to aid our rest. We will explore proper selection, body applications, and formulations that encourage nourishing sleep. This class goes live on Thursday, August 18th 2016 at noon.


When we receive a deep and restful night’s sleep, we create a powerful opportunity for the body to rest, repair and recharge, but when this necessary reset is lacking, a myriad of physical and energetic imbalances may arise.

Throughout history, stones have been key ingredients in many different ancient systems of healing, used as powerful medicine to enhance well-being. The mineral kingdom is one of Mother Earth’s greatest gifts to us.

In this simple, clear and focused class, we work with stones to aid and improve our rest. This class will explore the philosophy behind using stone medicine for sleep, proper selection, body application, and formulations and elixirs that encourage nourishing sleep which leaves you feeling energized and supported when you wake up.

ALERT – Julie accidentally edited out the name of the fifth and final stone she teaches in the class. It is LEMON CHRYSOPRASE. 

This class will cover:

  • How to maximize rest through the optimal layout of your sleeping space.
  • Five stone allies and their healing properties to assist with sleep: howlite, ammonite, malachite, pearl and lemon chrysoprase
  • On the body stone placements to support deep sleep.
  • Essential oil application to encourage rest.

Length: 25 minutes
Tuition: $16
Instructor: Julie Ann Travis
Prerequisites: none
Downloads: none
Continuing education credits: none

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  1. Stones for Sleep


    This course had good information in it, but when describing the 5 different stones for sleep, the instructor neglected to say what the fifth stone was.

  2. Counting Stones


    Stones for Sleep is entirely helpful for revealing stone energies which may help ease one through the portal of sleep. Some may count sheep to sleep but after this course you will learn to count stones…seriously! I

  • $16
  • 6 Months

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