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Pairing Fluorite Windows with Internal Dragons

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This class will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to perform a powerful acupuncture treatment known as “internal dragons.” You will learn why fluorite crystals have a potent effect when used in place of acupuncture needles.

In this class you will learn:

      • The Chinese medicine understanding of the spectrum of possession and its very real place in our modern world
      • The spiritual healing technology of the seven dragon points known as “internal dragons” and why they are so important for clearing possession
      • The unique scientific and medicinal properties that make fluorite “windows” your number one ally for this treatment
      • Exactly when and how to perform this treatment
      • Important tips for ethically, legally, safely and effectively performing on-the-body stone treatments

Length: 47 minutes
Tuition: $67
Instructor: Sarah Thomas, LAc
Prerequisites: none
Downloads: none
Continuing education credits: none
Course certifications: none

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  1. 4

    I love Sarah’s teaching style (and drawings!)

  2. This class is a life saver.


    I loved this class. Sarah is clear and eloquent and compassionate. I feel like this is a treatment everyone on the planet should learn because we are all gripped by something. We all have some internal demons that need to be brought out into the light and transformed. This is a simple and effective way to do that. And it’s fun, because stones are fun. Thanks Sarah.

  3. A Wonderful Teacher at Her Best


    Thank you for this well balanced lesson about Fluorite and the Internal Dragons. The information about the chemistry of Fluorite made it easier to feel the energetics and “Know” this stone. I’m looking forward to taking more online, stone classes from Sarah Thomas. 😀

  4. Sarah's Spirit Holds the Wisdom from the Depths of our Earth


    Sarah’s heart knows how to share and present the knowledge she has gained through her many hours of continued study. Thank you, again and again for presenting information about how to use stones and crystals for health benefits in a fun and easy to follow manner. I am honored to holler from the top of our glorious mountain, “Sarah Thomas is MY teacher!” I AM grateful for you in my life. Blessings and all good wishes.

  5. Thank you.


    Thank you Sarah for sharing such powerful and transformative information about the magic pairing of fluorite and internal dragons. It is so special to have this amazing information presented in such an accessible way and by a truly supportive teacher. I am grateful everyday that I stumbled into your class at the herbal conference.

  6. Intense, Logical, Critical Info


    Simple yet intense, when the program is complete, it all comes together and makes so much sense. It is easy to understand why the treatment is critical and the first place to begin. Also the excellent book resource you provided in the course is very exciting. Thank you as always! Cheers

  7. Perfect!


    Perfect timing for me to receive this teaching! Perfect blend of science, humor, and ancient knowledge with modern day applications! Thank you so much for this teaching.

  8. Great course


    Thank you for this course – it is a great intro into how stone medicine may be used with acupuncture. I am just starting to learn about the healing aspect of stones in Chinese Medicine and appreciate Sarah’s clear and sensible teaching style. Information like this is hard to find, and am glad to have ‘stumbled’ upon it (just as I stumbled upon flourite as my first purchased stone a while back). Will be back for more! Thanks.

  9. Excellent


    I learned so much for this class. It’s very well organized, clear, informative and moves along with good examples and experiences. Thanks so much Sarah! I wish I had a practitioner in Arizona!

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