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Grid Systems: Geomancy, Crystal Grids, and the Worlds We Create

Live weekend retreat at Bend of Ivy Lodge in Asheville. Friday June 30- sold out. Grid Systems 2 is coming…


THIS WORKSHOP JUST SOLD out, but you can join us for the exact replica on August 25-27! Please just jump over to the “Grid Systems in August” class page to register.

This is a weekend course that will be held at Bend of Ivy Lodge in Marshall, NC (20 minutes north of Asheville) Friday, June 30- Sunday, July 2.

This is not your typical crystal gridding class! It will work well for beginners or people with experience. None of this has ever been taught in this way before.

Gridding is the art of connecting consciousness and can be done from multidimensional origins including inner earth, landforms and celestial bodies.

We will spend the weekend

  • exploring the consciousnesses of natural bodies, such as mountains and stars
  • discovering many multidimensional techniques for crystal gridding
  • learning how to feel what your unique and specific grid missions are
  • locating important grid systems and grid points on earth and above
  • understanding the incredible significance of connecting these consciousnesses
  • studying how ancient sites and ley lines work and how they can be brought back online

If you are interested in earthworks, land healing, crystal gridding, farming, landscape design, building, urban planning or simply want to hook your own land up to the highest upgrades possible, this class is for you.

My goal is for each student to leave feeling confident that they can begin doing gridding, earthwork and/or land healing work for themselves or others.

Also consider – Bend of Ivy Lodge is beautiful. Most rooms are shared, so expect atleast one roommate in your room. There are only two single rooms. We often reserve them for people with special conditions or medical conditions. (If you have any conditions, ask us if a single room is still available before you register).

We will be served delicious, healthy local food. Vegetarian and meat options, and gluten-free options will be available. There will be three meals a day plus endless tea and snacks. The lodging is very cozy, there is nowhere like Bend of Ivy Lodge on the planet. Courses here are very community building, because we are all eating together and spending in-between times together, and seeing each other in our pajamas. People leave with deep friendships. So, you will be really taken care of and have many new people and stone friends by the end of the weekend. This is a great course for locals OR people who live out of town and can’t make the Level One training this year.





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