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This live weekend retreat in Asheville in May, 2017 is SOLD OUT. Consider joining us for Grid Systems in June.

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  1. the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level


This course welcomes you to a weekend at Bend of Ivy Lodge with your stone friends.  As many of you know, I often receive direct guidance from the stones. This course, and its title and concepts, are completely their invitation to us.

The crystal kingdom is like a piece of coral. Each part has its own intelligence and personality AND each part creates one whole consciousness. Our hearts long for connection with this beautiful intelligence – more than any concept or body of knowledge. This weekend is designed to invite you into communion with these beings.

More than any other stone course I have ever attended or facilitated, we will spend our weekend in direct connection with the stone beings and their messages for us. This is a very experiential course full of ritual and ceremony.

Understand that a VERY important pillar of consciousness is linking directly with our Earth and her elements. When our own consciousness links with them directly, we call this the opening of our “Earth Channels.” This opening has so much significance and will be explained and experienced in this course.

(highly consider taking “Grid Systems” in late June to move forward in understanding exactly how to help the ascension process when your earth channels are opened. These two courses are not required to take together but it will be such a beautiful life-changing ride to take both!)

Their guidance will include:

  • how to heal ourselves
  • how to receive more of the unique abilities in our own parallel life DNA bodies
  • how to heal those we treat
  • how to heal this earth (gridwork, land healing, more)
  • how to move into this new age of love, unity consciousness, and cosmic community

Also consider – we will be served delicious healthy local food, vegetarian and meat options, three meals a day plus endless tea and snacks. The lodging is very cozy, there is nowhere like Bend of Ivy Lodge on the planet. Courses here are very community building, because we are all eating together and spending in-between times together, and seeing each other in our pajamas. People leave with deep friendships. So, you will be really taken care of and have many new people and stone friends by the end of the weekend. This is a great course for locals OR people who live out of town and can’t make the Level One training this year.

When you hear them singing, you know you are getting close. And closer we will come on this weekend of communion. Join us for a weekend of heart-centered CONTACT.

Date and Time:

Friday May 19 – Sunday May 21

We will begin with dinner at 6pm on Friday and end after lunch at 1pm on Sunday.



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